HDP 2000 Fluidizing Concept - Dense Phase Pressure System

HDP 2000 Fluidizing Concept™

Dense Phase Pressure System

The HDP 2000 Fluidizing Concept Pressure Conveying System is a dense phase, medium to high pressure, low to medium velocity, batch conveying system. It is generally used for conveying medium to high density, heat sensitive, semi-abrasive and/or abrasive materials under 100 mesh particle sizes. Examples include bentonite, cement, starch, silica flour, ball clay, kaolin clay, and alumina.

Typical conveying velocities are generally in the range of 1000 to 5000 feet per minute (5 m to 25 m/sec) and the conveying pressure up to 60 PSIG (4 barg). A fluidizing type pressure vessel is used to feed material into the conveying line and the air supply, up to 100 PSIG (7 barg), is supplied from a high pressure air compressor.


Watch the HDP 2000 Fluidizing Concept Pressure Conveying System in operation: