Steel Industry Application

Ruhrstahl-Heraeus (RH) Degassing Process (Top Spraying)

Steel Industry Application: Ruhrstahl-Heraeus (RH) Degassing Process (Top Spraying)
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  • CaO is completely sealed from atmosphere preventing atmospheric humidity from reacting with the CaO
  • Different blend ratios of CaO / CaF2 can be created by feeding both materials simultaneously to the surge hopper
  • Each injection batch can be a different weight depending on the requirements of the steel process
  • The system 200 injection process can regulate the injection rate to suit the process
  • The operator can stop the injection process manually at any time, and the system can automatically resume and inject a new set amount to the furnace
  • Simple and flexible installation... can route conveying lines almost anywhere
  • Automated process
  • Extremely reliable system with very few moving parts
  • Quiet operation
  • Complete guaranteed project responsibility