Polysilicon Industry Application

Bag Unloading, In-Plant Delivery, and FBR Injection

Polysilicon Industry Application: Bag Unloading, In-Plant Delivery, and FBR Injection
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  • Silicon is completely sealed from the atmosphere and blanketed in nitrogen to prevent atmospheric humidity absorbtion. This also eliminates dust explosion concerns.
  • Insures against HCI leak to atmoshere.
  • Eliminates silicon particle degradation and convey pipe wear due to abrasive silicon.
  • System pre-heats silicon to improve the reaction and insure dryness of silicon.
  • Material injected continuously into the FBR providing a more stable reaction, and allowing the FBR bed depth to remain extremely constant.
  • Provides variable rate control for both silicon and HCI so the reactants are always added in the optimum proportion.
  • Material feed system automatically compensates for silicon density variations, and automatically achieves the PLC input injection rate based on feedback of the FBR bed depth.
  • Minimizes N2 consumption to allow a simpler "one pass" N2 system.
  • HCI is used as a carrier gas to inject the silicon into the FBR.
  • Insures reliability for 24 hour per day operation.
  • Simple and flexible installation
  • Easily expandable to deliver to future FBRs.
  • Automated process.
  • Complete guaranteed project responsibility.