Transporters Model J Series 496, Model JT Series 614

Model J Series 496
Model JT Series 614

Higher performance

Dynamic Air Model J and JT transporters are designed to hold a specific volume of material which needs to be conveyed. They are sized appropriately for application specific system performance with regard to conveying distance, conveying rate, conveying velocity and air efficiency. The 60 degree cone bottom on the Model J transporters and the 45 degree cone bottom on the Model JT transporters provide a better cleanout to achieve optimum efficiency. They are generally designed for higher conveying pressures (over 15 psig) and so that granular materials can be fed more uniformly into the conveying line for predetermined performance values.

Maximum efficiency

Propriety air injection nozzles, complete with volume and pressure control, allow only the appropriate amount of compressed air to be added to the transporter as needed for conveying. They are designed to create a controlled and effective discharge for trouble-free conveying and better material-to-air ratios for maximum efficiency and improved reliability.


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