Transporters Models E, F, G

Models E, F, G

Higher performance

Dynamic Air transporters are designed to hold a specific volume of material which needs to be conveyed. They are sized to maximize system performance with regard to distance, rate and transport cycles per hour. The Dynamic Air transporters allow a positive pressure to be introduced so that it can push material into the conveying line at higher conveying pressures to achieve higher performance and capability.

Maximum efficiency

Special air injection nozzles, complete with volume and pressure control, allow only the appropriate amount of compressed air to be added to the transporter as needed. They are designed to create a more controlled and effective discharge at the best possible material-to-air ratio for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Construction features

All Dynamic Air Model E, F and G transporters have a low profile bottom for applications where headroom must be minimized. Since the Model E, F and G transporters do not clean out completely, a certain amount of residual material is always left behind. they should be utilized on only those applications where the same material is conveyed or where cross-contamination is tolerable when different materials are conveyed.

Dynamic Air can provide any model in a style to meet most needs. Standard capacities range from 3 to 100 cubic feet. Larger sizes are available upon request.

Heavy-duty valves

The heavy-duty inlet, outlet and vent valves are air operated and designed for abrasive service. Various types are available for handling a wide variety of materials at temperatures up to 850° Fahrenheit. They are sized to minimize filling time and provide a positive high pressure seal during conveying.


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