Transporters Models A, B, C, D, ET, FT, GT

Models A, B, C, D, ET, FT, GT

Convey at maximum density

Dynamic Air Transporters are designed to accept a batch material and only the required amount of air pressure to force it into the conveying line at maximum density. Economical use of compressed air ensures the maximum density and a more controlled velocity throughout the conveying line.

Convey at maximum efficiency

To obtain maximum efficiency and reduce wear, use the largest transporter that suits your application. This improves the material to air ratio over any given distance, since there is less purging of the conveying line with fewer cycles. The conveying rate also improves because of better conveying line utilization.

Construction features

Standard Series Transporters are designed to handle free-flowing, dry, granular materials. Uniform pressure exerted from the top of the transporter gently forces material into the conveying line at maximum density and efficiency.

Standard Series Transporters have an outlet that can be rotated 360° to any position. This flexibility simplifies installation of both transporter and conveying line. The full flow outlet is designed to eliminate material build-up and prevent cross-contamination of material.

Standard Series Transporters are equipped with air operated inlet valves and vent valves in various sizes to provide optimum fill time and ensure positive sealing under the most severe applications. Dynamic Air can provide any model in a style to meet most needs. Standard capacities range from 3 to 100 cubic feet, and larger sizes are available on request. All are constructed to A.S.M.E. and National Board specifications, and are complete with manhole for ease of inspection and maintenance

Optional construction features

Transporters are available in stainless steel for food or pharmaceutical applications.

Optional aeration jets

Aeration jets are designed for cohesive or hard to handle materials that tend to cling to the sidewalls of the transporter. Aeration jets, easily replaceable from the outside of the transporter, free the material and maintain an even flow into the conveying line.


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