Switch Receiver Series 344 & 397

Switch Receiver
Series 344 & 397

Convey and switch hard-to-handle materials

The Dynamic Air Switch Receiver diverts material from on-line conveying into a receiving bin or silo. Because of the unique full-flow design, the Switch Receiver can handle even cohesive, abrasive or hard-to-handle materials. The Switch Receiver provides total clean out, preventing cross-contamination of materials conveyed.

Compact, rugged design requires little maintenance

The Switch Receiver has few moving parts and is designed for minimal maintenance. When it becomes necessary to replace worn parts, the top cover of the Switch Receiver is easily removed, providing easy access without lifting or moving the unit from the bin or silo. The inflatable seals are dirt tolerant and resist material build-up. They require no lubrication and easily replaced if damaged.

Fixed pivot shaft provides positive positioning

Exact positioning of the Switch Receiver is important, especially when handling abrasive or fragile materials. Positive positioning is achieved by use of a fixed pivot shaft with adjustable mechanical stops. In the "thru" position, material flows smoothly, with no edges or corners impeding the flow. In the "bin" position, the curved baffle neatly diverts the flow into the bin or silo below. This smooth, even flow reduces wear caused by abrasives and minimizes degradation of fragile materials.


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