SUPER-MAX™ Vacuum/Pressure Unloader Series 120

SUPER-MAX™ Vacuum/Pressure Unloader
Series 120

Super-Max Unloads and Conveys

The Super-Max vacuum pressure unloader uses vacuum to unload dry bulk material from a rail car, truck or any other storage containers. After unloading, the Super-Max unloader converts to the positive pressure mode to convey the batch of material to a receiving bin or silo. The vacuum source can be either a compressed air venturi, or a positive displacement blower. The Super-Max unloader is designed to be used in applications where a pit unloading system is not practical.

Both Stationary and Portable

The Super-Max unloader is available as a portable unit for applications with several unloading stations, and/or multiple destinations. The Super-Max unloader can be moved from one unloading station to the next, and to various storage locations. A stationary Super-Max unloader is used where it is advantageous to have one permanent unit for both unloading and conveying.

Super-Max Handles Abrasives

To protect the venturi or blower from excessive wear, the internal dust filters clean the dirty air before it enters the venturi or blower. The heavy duty material inlet valve features an easily replaceable liner.


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