Silo-Mix™ Air Blender Series 709

Silo-Mix™ Air Blender
Series 709

The Silo-Mix Series 709 air blender is ideal for homogenizing dry bulk granular materials in large storage silos, up to 7,000 cubic feet in capacity. The Silo-Mix air blender uses standard available plant compressed air to blend dry bulk materials like fine chemicals, glass batch, and food products. It uses far less energy and has greater power than any previous models. Thus, it creates significantly more kinetic energy for blending larger batch sizes using much lower air consumption in addition to a faster blend time. The secret is in a quick-acting valve, specially designed using state-of-the art technology, that was built to minimize downtime and maximize up time. The Silo-Mix air blender is designed to operate trouble-free with even the most demanding of applications. In addition, the Silo-Mix air blender exhibits extremely low shear for those fragile or abrasive materials to be blended. It also has no hidden ledges or pockets where dormant material can lie, making it very easy to clean during blending campaigns, if required.

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