Multi-Port Switch Series 676

Multi-Port Switch
Series 676

Divert dusty, granular or abrasive material up to fifteen positions without cross-contamination or dusting

The Multi-Port Switch automatically diverts granular materials from a single source, such as a pneumatic conveying system, to as many as fifteen different bins, hoppers, or silos as required. The full-bore design permits unrestricted material flow to minimize material degradation and pressure drop to make conveying easier, with less energy. Cohesive, hard-to-handle, or fragile materials can be conveyed with better results.

The unique design allows the switch to be located in any position and be tolerant of very fine non-abrasive, or coarse abrasive materials. Welds are smooth, so there are no dead spots for material to collect, making the Multi-Port Switch ideal for food products or other applications where cross-contamination is a major concern.

Inflatable air seals eliminate dust problems

Multi-Port Switch Series 676

Primary components of the Multi-Port Switch are the inflatable seals which provide a sealing pressure of 100 PSIG. The seals are located at the lower pivot point and at each outlet port connection.

When the swing tube indexes to the desired port, both the top and bottom seals inflate, squeezing the swing tube from both directions to form a dust-tight pressure seal. The blind or unused ports are similarly sealed when the swing tube is not moving, so hoppers and bins are not exposed to the atmosphere.

To index the swing tube to a new position, the seals are deflated, giving the swing tube clearance to rotate freely 360° around the center support shaft with minimal friction and effort. The heavy-duty center shaft and bearing assembly supports the swing tube.


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