Mobile Truck Lance™ Series 616

Powered Mobile Truck Lance

Mobile Truck Lance™
Series 616

The Mobile Truck Lance™ by Dynamic Air Inc. is specifically designed to be inserted into a standard “Sea Bulk Powerliner” so it can be filled with dry bulk granular materials quickly, easily and safely. The mobile truck lance has the ability to not only move forward and backward, but it can also raise upward or downward, as desired. This critical adjustment of the lance itself is necessary to meet the specific location of each and every truck which, dimensionally, may be different from time to time.

The lance, made of stainless steel, is perforated to allow the bulk container to be filled to optimum capacity without having to move the lance from its original position after insertion. The mobile truck lance is mounted on a horizontal track and attached to a heavy-duty conveying hose and dust extraction line, so that everything operates together in a simple movement.

Mobile Truck Lance™ Series 616

Manual Mobile Truck Lance

The lance, as standard, is designed to travel a distance of 15 feet forward or backward. This allows the lance to reach the farthest end of a standard “Sea Bulk Powerliner” bulk container during filling. It then can be pulled back and out of the way when not in use. A front wheel electric drive system is utilized to power both front wheels of the lance assembly for smooth, easy movement. In addition, a hydraulic drive is used to control the lowering and raising mechanism. This provides reliable motion control of the lance itself, so it can be moved into any position desired. It also provides the necessary integrity to withstand any of the dynamic loads generated by the conveying line during operation.

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