Bella™ Fluidized Zone Foundry Sand Mixer Model B-500 XN

Bella™ Fluidized Zone Foundry Sand Mixer
Model B-500 XN

The Bella Fluidized Zone Mixer by Dynamic Air features fast, low intensive, high efficiency mixing of foundry green sand without the high energy costs normally associated with green sand mixing or mulling. A weightless zone created by two low-speed counter-rotating shafts generates very low friction and yet puts every particle in random motion, which is the key to faster, more thorough mixing with lower energy costs. Large twin bomb bay discharge doors decrease cycle time by discharging the completely mixed batch in 10 seconds or less for maximum system capacity and better batch integrity. Also included are twin access doors for easy accessibility and maintenance. Unlike other mixers, the Bella Fluidized Zone Mixer does not require high speed impellers, ploughs or rotors to efficiently mix green sand. The Bella mixer normally mixes a typical batch to within 5 sigma or less at a speed of less than 40 RPM. This lower speed and double shafted design significantly reduces maintenance, total energy and overall downtime costs. In addition, abrasion resistant wear liners are not normally required.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy opening access doors
  • Standard sizes from 6 liters to 15,000 liters

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