Mini-Pusher™ Transporter Model 6MP-30

Mini-Pusher™ Transporter
Model 6MP-30

Ideal for conveying granular material

Model 6MP-30 Mini-Pusher™ low profile transporter optimizes the volume capacity for a given volume to achieve maximum performance and reliability. It comes completely assembled with all the components such as the inlet valve, rotary actuator, limit switch, level control, etc. and is available as a stationary transporter or as a portable unit with a hand held wand. The Mini-Pusher is available in stainless steel, mild steel, or mild steel nylon powdered coated construction. It is ideal for conveying almost any dry material which has a particle size of 50 mesh or finer. Depending upon the conveying line size, conveying distance and material to be conveyed, capacities of up to 5 tons per hour are easily achievable. Conveying line sizes are available in 1 1/4 inch diameter up to and including 3 inches in diameter.

Electrical controls are optional and can include a programmable logic controller (PLC) to control all aspects of an automated system, which can include multiple conveying locations with appropriate dust filters and level controls.


  • Low maintenance
  • Heavy duty design
  • Simple to operate
  • Low Profile

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