Modu-Kleen™ Two Stage Bin Vent/Dust Filter Series 343

Modu-Kleen™ Two Stage Bin Vent Filter/Dust Collector
Series 343

Modu-Kleen Two Stage Bin Vent Filter/Dust Collector

Dynamic Air’s Modu-Kleen two stage bin vent filter/dust collector is the ultimate in dust containment. It is designed to be used to vent a storage bin, storage silo, mixer, surge hopper or any pneumatic conveying system and/or special dust generating equipment. The Modu-Kleen two stage bin vent filter/dust collector contains two dust filtering compartments for near 100 percent dust containment. The lower compartment contains the first stage filter and the upper compartment contains the second stage filter. Both compartments utilize filter cartridges which are easily accessible and equipped with a bayonet mount for fast filter changes when required.

Unique Nozzle Improves Filter Efficiency

Special high precision reverse air venturi nozzles direct a shock wave of compressed air down the entire length of the lower cartridge filters during the cleaning cycle. This creates a suction, which pulls in additional atmospheric or secondary air and then mixes with the compressed air for maximum cleaning efficiency. The cleaning cycle is initiated by a high pressure differential switch which indicates the pressure differential between the clean air plenum and atmospheric pressure. Any specific set point can be set to start or stop the cleaning process. In addition, the pulses of compressed air can be adjusted for optimum on time and off time. Therefore, pressure differential cleaning only occurs when it is needed, saving compressed air and extending filter life.

How the Modu-Kleen Two Stage Bin Vent Filter/Dust Collector Works

Dirty or dust laden air is drawn into the Modu-Kleen bin vent filter/dust collector by either a fan mounted on the discharge side of the dust filter or from an outside air source, such as a pneumatic conveying system. This dirty or dust laden air first enters the lower compartment for the first stage of filter cleaning. The dirty air then passes through the first stage of cartridge filters. After being cleaned in the first stage of filters, the filtered air must pass up and into the upper or second stage filter compartment and then into and through the second stage cartridge filters. After passing through the second stage filters, the clean air is allowed to exit into the atmosphere for near perfect filtering.

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