Big Sandy™ Direct Sanding Module for Locomotives Series 663

Big Sandy™ Direct Sanding Module for Locomotives
Series 663

The Big Sandy™ direct sanding module is a totally enclosed modular locomotive sanding system. It includes a hopper with integral dust collection and a dense phase pneumatic transporter to convey traction silica sand from the hopper directly to the locomotive. Included are up to four filling wands with counterweighted abrasion resistant hoses, in addition to an automatic shut-off valve to stop conveying when the locomotive is completely filled. Also included are light weight full flow quick disconnects.

The electrical controls include an Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller for all operating functions. The compact preassembled modular design easily fits between two railroad tracks and is completely dust tight and weather tight for even the most severe of applications. Four access doors provide complete access to every mechanical and electrical component for maintenance purposes and to shield against harsh weather elements and the negative effects of the hot sun.

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