DC-5™ Air Saver

DC-5™ Air Saver

Dynamic Air's exclusive DC-5 Air Saver technology is the key to complete control of material through the entire conveying line

One of the secrets of a successful and highly efficient pneumatic conveying system, whether it is a high pressure dense phase system or a low pressure dilute phase system, is achieving an optimum pressure balance. Many systems operate in an unstable and/or unbalanced pressure condition. This means the conveying system can be using either too much compressed air or not enough compressed air, both of which are undesirable.

To effectively counterbalance all the friction factors normally inherent in a pneumatic conveying system, Dynamic Air has developed the DC-5 Air Saver technology which accurately controls and pressure balances the pneumatic conveying system.

The DC-5 Air Saver technology achieves the proper pressure balance because it automatically senses the conveying system conditions and reacts instantaneously and accurately without overcompensation. Thus material is conveyed through the conveying line in a smooth, controlled manner and at the desired conveying velocity, to optimize the conveying process for higher performance and reliability.

The DC-5 Air Saver technology is adaptable to almost any type of Dynamic Air pneumatic conveying system regardless of the conveying pressure or vacuum.


  • Ability to convey heavy materials
  • Ability to start and stop the conveying process with a conveying line full of material
  • Reduced "dynamic loading" at pipe bends by controlling the conveying velocity
  • Reduced dust handling requirements
  • Reduced material degradation

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