Vibra-Jet™ Bin Discharger Series 256

Vibra-Jet™ Bin Discharger
Series 256

Continuous Material Flowability

The innovative design of the Vibra-Jet Bin Discharger assures continuous flow of bulk granular materials finer than 50 mesh. Using aeration, the Vibra-Jet Bin Discharger restores flowability to materials which are prone to packing during storage in bins, silos or surge hoppers, and promotes free flow of materials which tend to bridge or hang up. Unlike other bin dischargers, the Vibra-Jet provides aeration along the bin wall, lowering the friction between the wall and the stored material and improving material flow. The bulk material is fluidized and positive flow results.

Vibra-Jet Bin Aerators

The bin discharger is fitted with patented Vibra-Jet bin aerators which employ a unique aeration technique. With each pulse of compressed air, the Vibra-Jet bin aerators release a controlled amount of air in a circular pattern along the bin wall, dislodging material and keeping it moving. In addition to cleaning material from the bin walls, the air action vibrates the rubber boot on the bin aerator, keeping it cleaned and unclogged. When the Vibra-Jet bin aerator is turned off, material pressure and the resilience of the rubber boot force the boot against the bin wall, preventing material from entering the air supply lines.

Four Zones Provide Pulsing Variations

The Vibra-Jet bin discharger has four aeration zones. Instead of activating all bin aerators simultaneously, each quarter section is operated independently. The four zones can be programmed to aerate in any pulsing sequence. A variety of pulsing sequences are possible, for example, one zone at a time (1-2-3-4) or opposite zones simultaneously (1 and 3, then 2 and 4). The variable pulsing sequence maximizes utilization of available kinetic energy. The result is more effective discharge of materials in shorter discharge times.

Low Profile Design

The low profile design of the Vibra-Jet Bin Discharger saves valuable headroom space without intruding on silo capacity.


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