Vibra-Jet™ Bin Aerator Series 264

Vibra-Jet™ Bin Aerator
Series 264

Restores Flowability to Bulk Materials

The Vibra-Jet Bin Aerator releases a controlled amount of compressed air in a circular pattern to promote gravity feed of bulk granular materials stored in bins, silos or surge hoppers. Induced aeration restores flowability to bulk materials that tend to pack during storage. It also promotes free flow of materials that tend to bridge or hang up.

Aerates Along Bin Walls

Unlike other bin aerators, the Vibra-Jet Bin Aerator's air action fluidizes bulk material and gets it moving faster by aerating along bin walls. This provides a lower coefficient of friction between the wall and stored material and improves material flow. Air action greatly reduces friction and greatly enhances mass flow of stored materials.


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