BLENDCON™ Air Blender

BLENDCON™ Air Blender

Blends large batches

The Blendcon air blender is one of the fastest, most efficient blenders available for mixing large batches of dry bulk materials. It can typically blend a 300 cubic foot batch in just four minutes and can handle batches up to 200 tons in capacity.

By producing large, consistent, homogeneous batches, the Blendcon air blender simplifies material handling and quality control, and increases productivity.

Fast, homogeneous blending

The Blendcon air blender uses compressed air to lift, turn and tumble dry materials, utilizing the high kinetic energy released when compressed air is allowed to expand rapidly to atmospheric pressure. Compressed air is pulsed into the material in an upward circular pattern. This blending method is so effective that very few pulses are required to complete the blending cycle.

Blending is fast and thorough. The ratio of horsepower to material blended is very low, resulting in high efficiency.

The discharge cone valve helps to eliminate dead spots during blending and substantially reduces segregation during discharge. There are no mixer arms or blades to wear out or clog, making the Blendcon air blender ideal for blending abrasive materials which would shorten the life of a conventional blender.

Better cleanout between batches

The smooth interior silo surfaces help prevent buildup. There are no mixing blades, tubes, or pipes to trap material, making it easier to perform any required cleanout between different batches.

Variable blending control

The blending action and intensity are controlled by the duration and frequency of air pulses, and by the pressure and volume of air. These variables are fully adjustable to achieve optimum results for your specific application.

Easily installed

The Blendcon blending head can be installed on an existing or customer supplied silo, or it can be ordered with a standard silo or custom-designed silo to suit your application.


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