Air Blender / Transporter Series 224

BLENDCON™ Air Blender / Transporter

Faster homogenous blending - without moving parts

The Blendcon air blender / transporter lifts, turns and tumbles dry materials to a homogenous blend by utilizing the high kinetic energy released when compressed air is allowed to expand rapidly to atmospheric conditions. Compressed air (normally 15 to 30 PSIG) is injected into the material in an upward circular pattern and pulsated to obtain optimum results. There are no mixer arms or blades to wear out or get clogged with the material, which makes the Blendcon blender ideal for blending abrasive materials that would shorten the life of a conventional blender. This method of operation is so effective that it normally takes very few pulses to complete a blending cycles. The vertical blending action and smooth interior surfaces prevent buildup, so cleaning between batches is unnecessary. Combining air blending with Dynamic Air's dense phase pneumatic conveying provides a clean, efficient system for blending and conveying most bulk granular material.

Excellent controllability

For optimum results, blending action and intensity are controlled by the duration and frequency of air pulses, and the pressure and volume of air. These variables give you the control to adjust the blending action for your specific application. No other blender gives you this versatility.


  • Air operated
  • Anti-clog air orifices
  • Gentle, fast agitation
  • More effective discharge
  • Low maintenance
  • Fits existing tanks

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