30 Second Blending Test

BLENDCON™ Air Blender

Fast, Low Shear Blending in 30 Seconds

Homogenous Blending

Dynamic Air’s Blendcon Air Blender lifts, turns and tumbles dry bulk granular materials to a homogeneous blend by using the high kinetic energy of standard available plant compressed air.

Random Particle Movement

The photos show how materials of different colors and bulk densities are quickly and easily blended. Materials in the center are quickly lifted upward and displaced at the top of the batch. At the same time, the materials near the blender sidewall are allowed to travel downward, aided by the free fall of gravity. As blending continues, the rapid movement of the particles becomes random and thorough blending is achieved quickly.

Low Energy, Versatile

The rapid injection of compressed air, which is sequenced in pulses, is fully adjustable with regard to air pressure, air volume, duration and frequency for a wide variety of applications. The end result is versatile, low shear, low energy blending, making the Blendcon Air Blender ideal for both fragile and abrasive materials.

No Moving Parts

Because the Blendcon Air Blender has no moving parts during blending and few parts to wear out, maintenance is very low. Also, the smooth walls of the blender make it easier to clean between batches, simplifying process requirements considerably.

Three Blend Head Sizes

To accommodate various batch sizes and applications, Dynamic Air offers three different sizes of Blendcon blending heads - 10 port, 12 port and 16 port. They also are available in a wide variety of materials of construction, such as mild steel and different grades of stainless steel, along with a variety of surface finishes. These include standard paint, powder coating, nickel coating and various grades of polished surfaces for special applications.

Available as a Batch or Continuous Blender

Batch Blending - With the batch type of Blendcon Air Blender, materials are blended in discrete batches and then discharged completely. A unique outlet cone valve at the discharge protects the batch integrity until thorough blending is achieved.

Continuous Blending - With the continuous blender, materials to be blended can be charged continuously into the Blendcon Air Blender. Simultaneously, materials are blended and discharged either through a rotary airlock feeder or a modulating butterfly valve. During normal operation, the blending vessel never completely empties.

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