Automatic 15° Switch

Automatic 15° Switch
Series 417

Change direction of air-conveyed material

The 15 Degree Switch is available in a two-way or three-way type. The full bore design permits unrestricted material flow to minimize material degradation and pressure drop to make conveying easier with less energy. Cohesive, hard-to-handle, or fragile material can be conveyed with better results. The unique design allows the switch to be located in any position and tolerant of very fine non-abrasive or coarse abrasive materials.

Different styles available

The Dynamic Air 15 Degree Switch is designed for high pressure service up to 100 PSIG. The swing tube is available in several styles: 1) Abrasion resistant; 2) Non-abrasion resistant; and 3) Food grade. All the moving parts are in a completely enclosed housing for safer and cleaner operation. The inflatable seals are extremely reliable and very tolerant of fine or coarse materials.


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