Industry Application: Chemical Manufacturing
Dynamic Air Test Facility

We are a manufacturer.

Dynamic Air systems include a full range of components for a complete material handling system: air-activated gravity conveyors, switches, bag breakers, batch weighing systems, diverter valves, mixers and blenders, dust control equipment, automatic bag openers, lump breakers, aerators, bin discharge systems, silo blenders, feeders, rotary spouts, powder pumps, storage bins and hoppers, and much more, any of which can be designed into a Dynamic Air system.

We provide complete systems.

Dynamic Air is a world leader in dense phase pneumatic conveying. We merge our bulk handling expertise with your unique process knowledge to design a custom system for your application.

We have a fully equipped testing laboratory.

If you have a new material that must be tested or if our knowledge of your material is limited, we will test your special material in our full scale test facility. In our testing lab, we determine conveyability, material-to-air ratios, material velocities, hygroscopic effects, build-up tendencies, dust collector requirements, degradation, segregation, filling times, conveying times, optimum conveying pressures, air volumes, aerated bulk densities and any other test data that might be required. Little is left in doubt.

Dry Bulk Material Handling

Find out more about Dynamic Air's dry bulk material handling capabilities: